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Liz Throop has designed signage, packaging, and print work for local and national clients, including Aperture Foundation, Macy’s, and Project Open Hand Atlanta. She has been teaching graphic design classes at Georgia State University since 1998 including History of Graphic Design, Graduate Seminar, and Publication Design.

Her articles have covered a range of topics including visual literacy and the climate crisis; how grassroots campaigns can use new media; class issues within design; and the benefits of sketching. She has led workshops about creativity for design professionals and for sociologists, and taught children how to make flip-books. She has been an active member of AIGA-Atlanta, organizing numerous Portfolio Days and serving on the board 1999 – 2001.

Throop has created numerous memes and illustrations which she shares under Creative Commons licensing. They have been used to support articles on the environment, population, and … Read More »


Posted on May 30th, by Liz Throop in ⠿ ABOUT. No Comments

Throop CV May 2013

Just an observation …

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